The Flex Belt Meal Planner

Waking up in the morning and gazing at yourself in the mirror only to see a flabby body that you’ve begun to feel ashamed of a long time ago is definitely not a good way to start the day. While it’s true that there are a lot of products out there that you could use in order to lose weight, most of them are fads and will only get your hopes high so that they can crush them later on. However, that’s not what the flex belt meal planner will do. This is one of the most advanced weight loss and muscle toning belts in the world and given the fact that you can use it anytime (even at work or when your jogging) it literally stands out in the large crowd of gimmick fat loss products. So with no further ado, let’s see how it can change your life and why you should start using it right now.


1. FDA approved.
2. Can be paired with an exercise and diet program to greatly boost results.
3. It’s the result of more than 40 years of expertise.
4. An easy and fast way of getting nicely sculpted abs.
5. Features a belt extended to fit everyone.
6. Uses EMS (a special medical technique) that’s clinically proven to tone and stimulate muscles.


1. Needs to be used regularly to get results.


One of the main things that make the Flex Belt such an amazing product is the fact that it’s been designed thanks to the medical expertise and background of its creators. By using it regularly, you’ll be able to get more toned abdominal muscles without having to worry about exercising. The clinic that designed the belt is actually a very popular and successful one and their EMS medical devices are used by thousands of people around the world. To be more precise, they’re prescribed in more than five thousand clinics around the world.

The Flex Belt is designed in order to help you get that nice looking six pack that you so much want to show off at the beach, but without having to work out at the gym for months to get it. Better yet, you also get a 60 days money back guarantee, so if for any reasons you think that this product is not for you, then you can return it with no questions asked. But have you actually seen who supports the Flex Belt? It’s none other than Jerry Rice from the san Francisco 49-ers. If we weren’t extremely confident in the Flex Belt and weren’t absolutely sure it delivers, then he would’ve certainly denied having his name associated with it.

Flex Belt Meal Planner

Can you lose weight with it when you’re on a diet?

Absolutely! In fact, the Flex Belt is very simple to use and all you need to do is wrap it around your abdominal area and then place 3 gel pads in certain areas as mentioned in the instructions. Once you do that, you’ll feel a certain sensation that can be easily adjusted in terms of intensity from one to one hundred. You can wear the belt at any given time, even when you’re sleeping.

When can I see results?

After you’ll start using the Flex Belt, you can expect to see results within just a few weeks and have the peace of mind that your abs will look a lot more toned. Just make sure that you use it 5 days a week for thirty minutes a day and you should see results. Again, no matter what lifestyle you have, the belt can be worn at any given time. Be it while you’re commuting, jogging or just working at your day job, you can literally wear it anytime, anywhere. It’s a very versatile and effective belt that will have you looking like a superstar in just a few weeks of use.

Best for those who have no or little time to exercise

If you don’t really have enough time to go to the gym or exercise at home in order to have a flat stomach and a nicely sculpted six pack, then you don’t need to despair. The Flex Belt is everything you need and more and it will help you shape your body the way you want to in a very short period of time. Given its special ability of precisely targeting the right muscle groups, it’s going to open the door to a new era in personal fitness.

On top of that, it’s also a great choice for anyone who cannot perform strenuous exercises such as crunches or sit-ups due to various disabilities. To use the belt and get amazing results, you don’t need to suffer through crunches or drop everything. It works anywhere and anytime you use it and it doesn’t require you to respect a certain usage pattern besides the minimum 30 minutes, 5 days a week mentioned in the instructions.

Better yet, it’s also a great solution for executives who have little time to exercise or new mothers who would like to get their tummy back in shape. When wearing the belt you don’t need to worry about changing clothes since it can easily fit under your shirt. On top of that, there is no perspiring while using it, making the EMS session really comfortable.


The Flex Belt is really an amazing way to stay in shape and have nicely sculpted abs that you’ll love showing off at the beach or while going to the public pool. If you really want to see results a lot faster, then it’s recommended you also adopt a sensible exercise and diet program, since that’s how you’ll be able to enjoy the full potential of your efforts. In just a few weeks of using it, the Flex Belt will finally help you get stronger and more toned muscles that you’re absolutely going to love.

One thing to keep in mind though is that you’ll need to periodically change the gel pads which come at an extra cost, but other than that, there’s nothing else to be worried about. Just get the Flex Belt today and start paving the way to a new you with nicely toned and sculpted abs everyone will compliment your for!


The Flex Belt Abs Toning System

Cleared as one of the first Ab Belts by the FDA, the Flex Belt is best for strengthening, firming and toning the stomach muscles. For traditional workouts even if you are too tired or too busy, you can still train your abs with the Flex Belt. This flex belt abs toning system is clinically demonstrated and the muscles are contracted and relaxed because of the nerves that is stimulated by the patented medical-grade technology. Hence, as a result of this, within 30 minutes you get a full effective workout of your abdominal muscle and all the muscles of the abdomen are targeted.

The Perfect Abdominal Contraction

All the major stomach muscles are stimulated by the Flex Belt and the perfect abdominal contraction is provided at the same time. This means that the obliques, the lower abs and the upper abs all are worked out and this all done for you by the Flex Belt. There will be nothing to worry about the time to get it done or about your form. It is clinically demonstrated to provide stronger, firmer and well-developed muscles of your abdomen even when you are taking a walk, helping your kids, folding laundry, exercising, watching TV or doing anything, anywhere and anytime.

40 Years of Expertise

The Flex Belt is a medical science and not a gimmick. It is a class II medical device and to be cleared by the FDA as the first Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). It is made available for direct consumer sales. The headquarter of the producers of the Flex Belt is situated in the city of Galway, Ireland and they have an experience of 40 years of marketing, manufacturing and designing EMS devices for consumer and medical use. There are 5000 clinics worldwide right now, which is using the EMS medical devices. The contractions provided by the Flex Belt are deep yet comfortable and targets all at once the muscles of your abs in just 30 minutes. In order to get a positive review of the Flex Belt, there are more than two million people around the world who are satisfied and are ready to testify its benefits.

How Does Flex Belt Work

– There are three medical-grade, pre-positioned gel pads in the Flex Belt’s unique construction that covers the external obliques and the central abdominals.
– The Flex Belt stimulates a signal in the place in your abdomen where the nerves are the most concentrated. This all happens in your toning sessions and the contraction and relaxations are made.
– The natural contraction and relaxation of the abdominal muscles are carried out, which happens because of the nerves that are stimulated in your abdomen. They don’t work only the muscles under the gel pads, but all the muscles at the same time.

Features and Advantages

– FDA approved and best for firming, strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles.
– Applicable for both men and women and it is a technology of class medical grade.
– The intensity level of the belt ranges from 1 to 150 and is very much comfortable to use.
– You can feel and see the changes by yourself within weeks and is clinically demonstrated.
– Almost 100% of the users provided a positive review about the product and said that more firm and toned abs provided by the belt.
– There is an increase in firmness in the muscles of the abdomen of around 92.3% of the users.
– It only weighs around 1.3 pounds and there is a battery included in it.
– It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if you don’t see results with 5 to 8 weeks.


– It is expensive just for targeting only abdominal muscles.
– It does not claim for weight loss and is usually mistaken as a weight losing device. It is useful for providing a healthy lifestyle by targeting the abdominal muscles.


The main motto of the flex belt abs toning system is to provide a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced life. They help you to stay fit, exercise, eat right and stay lean. It helps to walk along with the professional athletes and stay just like them. If you are looking for some ab exercising instrument that will provide easy contraction and relaxation of the abdominal muscles without much effort, then this is the right one for you. Buy this one and get a well-shaped abdomen just like you always wanted!!!